Ceol na Mara has a growing library of books and DVDs to keep you entertained if you just can’t cope with another day of beautiful scenery and/or sitting in the pub.

However, if we supplied everything in the library it would inevitably reflect our tastes and not necessarily those of others. So we’d be glad to get hold of the DVDs you like to watch, the books you like to read and the CDs you like to listen to. And we’ll pay you for them, too—for each DVD, CD and/or book you leave in the chalet, we’ll give you £1, and we’ll donate the same amount to charity, up to a total of £40 (£20 for you, £20 for charity). DVDs and CDs must play without skipping, and books must be in reasonable condition (well-loved is fine, abused isn’t).

In 2017, we will be giving these payments to Highland Hospice, an organization based in Inverness that does fine work, and that has helped a large number of people from the Gairloch area. Since we started the scheme, the we have given over £100 to the hospice.

So, before you set off, please have a dig around and see what you think others might enjoy. It could be the ideal opportunity to offload unwanted gifts with a clear conscience!


We are very grateful to Paul and Sue, who have once again arrived armed with bags of books and DVDs for the chalet!